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It was a dark and STORMY night. The THUNDER was loud, the lightening struck frequently. Our two brave girls got on the bed to protect us.


But where, o where is Sadie, the BRAVEST dog of all?

Sadie,  o Sadie, Sadie, where is Sadie?


She was just checking to make sure there were no boogey men behind the pillows.

We are so relieved!!!

Notice that Sadie does not let her ball get too far away while she is protecting us. We are so lucky!

Here she is protecting us as we ride our bike!

She and Annie both go along on the bike to ward off all of those scary things that may attack us. Nobody dares mess with Annie and Sadie!

Annie with her first knee operation in 1996

Sadie as a puppy, 10 weeks.

Old Mother Annie


Arffur, The Dude, Lindy, Bonnie, Sadie
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Annie's Adventures

A Brave Guard Dog

One day as I was checking out the house while my Momma was reading her Small Dog letters, I passed by the room where Momma takes all the clothes and puts them into a big thing that makes a lot of noise, like the thing Momma uses outside on the grass. I noticed that there was a lot of water on the floor. I started barking and barking and barking. Momma kept asking me what was wrong, but I still barked. Finally, when she had finished her letters, she came and looked and saw water everywhere. I looked at her and barked "SEE?". I am a good guard dog.

At night, I know my Daddy is coming long before his big thing comes up the driveway or is on our street. I bark so Momma knows that Daddy is coming.

Annie, Sadie and the bear

Lindy and I go to a private campgrounds/resort once every couple of months or so to get away. No phones, and the people are very friendly. One of the frequent campers (a family) has a safari park with over 500 animals. Six months ago they were on their way back from Louisiana where they bought a Louisiana black bear cub. It was 4 weeks old and already climbing trees and scampering about. We have seen the bear on several other visits that happened to coincide with their visits. Well this time we took Annie, that vicious 6 lb mouser and her faithful companion, Sadie, the 4, maybe 5 lb fur ball, (she needs a diet) along with us. The bear is now seven months old. There is a very large pool at this resort. Most of us spend the day lounging around the pool and swimming. The bear uses the pool shower to cool off. It is a real hoot to watch. The bear was on a 30 foot steel cable and was tethered near us. When the bear's Daddy came to take her home she climbed up a large live oak tree and decided that she was staying. It took all he had to get her down. She moaned and cried. After the bear left, Lindy took Annie and Sadie over to where the bear had been for sniffing. My o my, did we sniff. Annie decided immediately to let that bear know, should it return, who she was going to have to deal with and proceeded to mark every spot that the bear had been in. I never knew her bladder was that big. This went on for a few minutes. Sadie was not so bold and thought better of alerting the bear of her presence. 

Later in the day, the bear's Dad came over and laid down next to the bear for 15 or 20 minutes and rubbed its tummy and played with it. The bear has substantial claws even as a cub, so the play is not without risk. She has a prodigious set of teeth. The Dad has one or 2 scars from bear teeth. After the play, he started to take the bear back to his campsite. He came within about 10 feet of us. Annie saw the bear and began trying to attack the bear. Lindy had to hold on to her collar. She was pulling like we have never seen her and barking an "I gonna get you" bark. Sadie was sitting on my chaise lounge with me. As soon as she heard Annie's bark she jumped down (Sadie never jumps, it is beneath her) and also tried to get the bear. The bear's Dad let her get within about 3 or 4 feet of Annie which drove Annie berserk. The bear rose up
on its hind feet to full height (maybe 5 feet) and Annie and Sadie did not back off. "Hold us back Momma". It was amusing to see these vicious killers trying to attack the poor bear. We all got a good laugh. it is a good thing for that bear that these girls had strong leashes on.

More adventures of the intrepid bear stalker Annie and 
her sometimes loyal sidekick Sadie, the ball of fluff.

On the final day of our stay, the bear was taking a shower near us again. It is something to see. I said to Lindy that she ought to go over and play with the bear and bring back her scent. The look she gave me was one of utter disbelief that I would even contemplate such an act. She would prance around nude in front of all of those people before she would get that close to that bear. (The first time we saw the bear, it grabbed a hold of her leg and did not want to let go when she got too
close. She felt those large claws, even at 4 weeks of age. After that she made sure she was not close enough to let the bear touch her.) She then suggested that I, ME, do it if I wanted to see what the girls would do. As a dutiful husband, I went over to the bear. One of the men standing near her, warned me that she would try and get my fingers in her mouth. If you wanted them all when she let go, he suggested that I double my fist when she tried that. HA! No way would she get MY fingers in HER mouth. I started tickling her stomach and first thing that happened was that those large claws grabbed my hand and started pulling it to her mouth. I doubled my fist and she put her jaws around it. She was not able to get a good grip on a fist so she just slobbered all over it and let go. I tickled her fur a little bit more and went back to Lindy and the girls. As I sat down Lindy put Annie on my chaise lounge chair. Annie started coming to me to get her scratches. She got about a foot from me and I reached to pet her. She caught wind of that bear on my hand and stopped dead in her tracks. I have never seen her come to such a sudden stop. She then backed away, pronto. Somehow she knew that was not a good scent. Maybe it was the saliva on my hand or the fur scent, I do not know, but she would have nothing to do with it. And I
thought we had a pair of bear scavenging dogs! 

Seven, eight, nine, ten, yes they are all still there.

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